I have had a wonderful life, full of adventure with new people and places. I have lived on sailboats, in fishing lodges, RVs, houses, and apartments, in many states. I have traveled back and forth across the United States with as much ease as someone who drives to the grocery store.

As an avid reader, my reading stretches through time, starting with the ancient Greek philosophers, moving forward through science, literature, psychology, modern philosophy, and business. I hope that you and I can take a new kind of adventure – a movement toward self-improvement.

Linda L. Pilcher – Resolutions: Life Planning Tools

Hi, I am Linda Pilcher. I am a Life Design Coach, Author, Teacher, and Artist. I have created Resolutions: Life Planning Tools to share self-development tools, to help people reach their hopes, plans, and dreams. Coming soon Resolutions: Life Planning Tools book.

You will find links to other self-development sites and books to read. I have explored self-help, development, and growth over many years. I believe that people can transform themselves to reach their highest level of human potential.

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