Groundhog Day is Over

I am writing about Groundhog Day in June because so many of us have been living the same day over and over.  Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, we are all in some type of strange Syfy existence.  Many people are working from home now and have been for the past year.  It feels like…

Perception is All

I value my freedom.  When you hear that some people march to a different drummer, it references people who act independently and behave outside of the norms.  I value adventure, people, new places, and knowledge acquisition.  If my life were a coloring book, all the colors would be outside of the lines.  This life makes…

Who am I?

Just a puppet on a string To dance and sing And make them laugh A game called survive Put her down See how long she lives Till she dies A dream Only to disappear When they awaken The mind of a single thought One word of an infinite song Who Am I? Just a puppet…

About Me

Hi, I’m Linda. I am an experimental person, and expressing myself through art, writing, and relationships is how I react to the world. My goal in life is to help others grow; develop plans of action to grow professionally and personally.

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