Who am I?

Just a puppet on a string

To dance and sing

And make them laugh

A game called survive

Put her down

See how long she lives

Till she dies

A dream

Only to disappear

When they awaken

The mind of a single thought

One word of an infinite song

Who Am I?

Just a puppet on a string?

I wrote this poem when I was sixteen years old. My personal pilgrimage had just started. My guides were self-help books, ancient philosophers, and current psychologists; who taught me how to improve. Today, I am no longer that lost little girl; I am a woman who knows her strengths and weaknesses, knows what I want from life, and how to achieve my goals.

What Defines Me?                                                                                     

This question is personal and deep; it involves a lifetime of likes and dislikes, passions, visions, hopes, plans, and dreams. Is it my perspective of me that defines me or others’ perspectives of me? I vote for my perspective, yet that does not make it true. 

Yes, we are influenced by others.

What does your mother see when she looks into your eyes?

  • Your significant other
  • Your children
  • Your co-workers
  • Church community
  • Teachers
  • Your best friend

The chances are that each person sees a different you. The attributes they know. No one really knows us, but I also feel we do not fully know ourselves. We put on masks for different roles that hid parts of ourselves from others and sometimes ourselves. So we are going to take a journey seeking to define “Who am I.” 

On our journey, we are seeking what is true; what is real? We are looking for our authentic selves. The problem with this is we are the architecture of this self. The truth is that we are complex creatures. Part of our identity is created by where we are born, our family’s biological traits, culture and religion, and worldview. Then a part of our identity is defined by us – we have the ability to design who we become.

So let me answer a few questions about why I am blogging instead of keeping a personal journal.

I have kept a personal journal since I was 16. My pilgrimage on the search for self has been lifelong. At this time, I want to bring others who are seeking on this journey.

The main question will be, “Who am I? It would help if you answered these questions in-depth as you start your journey.

I will be writing about self-insight, self-growth, self-improvement, and reaching your highest level of human potential. I want to connect to people who want to grow in a direction that is progressive, people who want to be better humans.

My goal is to build a community of like-minded individuals who want a better life, a better world.

Who am I? I am an artist, writer, businesswoman, wife, mother, grandmother, sister, friend, neighbor. It is my responsibility to be the best at each role I hold.

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